WELCOME TO THE HOUSE BROTHERS AND SISTERS, LOVERS, SNORERS, MOTHER AND FATHERS!!! This is a place for laughing, so come laugh and work with us:)

Help on a rustic farm by the West Norwegian coast

My boyfriend and I are now renting an old, and very rustic farm in Stongfjord in Western Norway, Lill have been a traveler all her life, and now when she stopped travel she like the idea of the world coming to her. Also been a host to other travellers for years, so she happy to host. John is new to hosting, and there is a language barrier as he speak very little English.We have just got this place, it is huge,old, worned down, rustic, dirty an completely wonderful. We are also car addict, into 2CV, also our 2CV are rustic, tired and completely wonderful:) So you will get a chance for some funny road trips if weather is good. Our health sometimes create variations in our energy level,some days we do not make it out of bed or couch so be prepared to be independent.
We are looking for several volunteers. We like to have 2 volunteers staying here at the same time, Some to help for my boyfriend with what ever needed to be done outside. One to help with the day to day cleaning of the home,like bathroom,kitchen and living room. But also we want two here at the same time so you can go exploring this wonderful nature together.We follow the nature, the weather an the seasons.
We hope you like to stay between 2 and 4 weeks.
Couples are welcome, we are also gay friendly.

Read more about us, see feedback from workawayers and pictures here!

Det blå huset


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