Marie Clerembaux

For those who doesn’t really get what workaway is about :

It is a website that allows you to reach people (organisations, farmers, schools, families…) from all around the world and to propose your help, in whatever field you feel comfortable with already or that you want to explore. More than that, it is a fabulous way of exchanging cultures, knowledges, experiences and thoughts, bounding with different people and landscapes.

Let’s get back to the Blue House now. I decided to contact Lill through this platform after reading her wonderful presentation, willing to spend some time away from the french city I live in. And it has been so much more than that ! In a month, I discovered a bit of Norway, everyday, learned about the animals, everyday, about nature… but more importantly I have met amazing human beings.

After quite a long bus trip from Bergen, I made my way to Strongfjorden, where Lill picked me up with Janis, her colorful, «slow and beautiful» 2cv car. Greeted with a big hug, I felt home instantly while discovering the Blue House. For a month, I took care of the beautiful Pinnen, a spoiled big baby sheep, with whom I had some brightful times running or reeding in the fields. We would eat some sweet ice cream after working around the house. I had the most amazing breakfast made with the fish we just caught from the fjord, have done some delicious norwegian cooking and had the best laughs with Lill and Jon by the bonefire at night.

There is not enough words to express how happy I was at this time, except from the fact that I came back after more than a year, and will go back as soon as I can. And if you ever get the occasion to lurk around this beautiful area , I warmly recommend that you meet Lill, and you will meet a new family.

Del gjerne :-)
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